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Promotion & Marketing

Welcome to Kinkultur!

Kinkultur is much more than just an online promotional platform. We’re a dynamic community dedicated to supporting and showcasing local and cultural businesses.

At Kinkultur, we believe in the power of cultural diversity and the importance of supporting local businesses. Our vision is to create a dynamic platform where businesses can thrive, cultures can meet and communities can flourish.

Together, we believe we can build a future where local businesses thrive, cultural diversity is celebrated and communities are united by their passion for culture and entrepreneurship.
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Eric Yaone CEO Kinkultur

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Eric Yaone, CEO

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Marketing & Advertising

Experts in digital marketing strategies.

From the development of your marketing strategy to the implementation of your communication plan advertising creationour teams of salespeople, brand strategists and creatives are here to help you build advertising campaigns that will give your brand a strong and lasting position in the minds of consumers.





With itsSlide2lafemme network and #30minutes_briefing program, KinKultur has developed several services to give visibility to young artists, entrepreneurs…
In search of notoriety and consideration in the hope of converting prospects.

01. Slide2lafemme

Slide2lafemme is the Kinkultur network that showcases women entrepreneurs from all over the world, who share their entrepreneurial experiences, sometimes pairing up or joint-venturing in order to improve their initiatives.

02. 30min briefing

#30minutes_briefing is the Kinkultur forum for entrepreneurs and the advertising world, live-streamed on social networks in front of an audience, where we dissect the guest’s background, talk about their news and testimonials, and present their respective products and services.

03. Video Sliders

To maximize your boost and create synthetic, marketing and advertising content for your events, products and services, KinKultur creates high-quality mini video slides adapted to your company and budget… These mini-videos will help you reinforce your digital marketing materials.



Are you looking for a communications expert to advise you on your communications strategy? Or are you looking for a team of experienced communicators to build, manage and coordinate a digital communications campaign? You’ve come to the right place.

Why Choissir Kinkultur?

Sector expertise

We understand the unique challenges faced by cultural and local businesses, and tailor our services accordingly.


Technological innovation

We use the latest technologies and digital marketing best practices to ensure optimal results for our customers.


Commitment to diversity

We believe in the power of cultural diversity, and showcase a variety of companies that reflect the richness & diversity of our society.


Join us!

Ready to give your business a boost? Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your online promotion goals. Join the Kinkultur community today!

Customer Reviews

"Eric Yaone keeps going above and beyond to make a difference in people's lives and to educate the world about the Congolese culture. Good job Eric, keep up the good work!"

Daniel Ky
Daniel Ky
5 stars rating

"I love kinkultur, Eric is very professional and have this ability to bring us amazing people and their achievements"

Gorette Kupa
Gorette Kupa
5 stars rating

"Eric Yaoné, is a very open person who sincerely seeks the success of one another. He is a true enthusiast who believes in the value he brings to his community through various quality activities."

Multiple Abundance
Multiple Abundance
5 stars rating

"Hello, Franck from Senegal. I highly recommend Kinkultur for all your business promotion and cultural activities."

Franck Bulabula
Franck Bulabula
5 stars rating